Dancing Home – Review

Reading this book is an invitation into a world rich with texture, vivid descriptions, emotional aliveness. It offers a journey into a life touched by the magic of a mind open to adventures in consciousness and also a rich dive into the complexities, joys, and challenges of navigating deep human relationships. I found myself wanting to keep reading, to continue immersing myself in the beautiful writing that painted pictures in my imagination.


Author, Sacred Practices for Conscious Living

Reading Dancing Home – “Born. Again.”

Julie Winter reads an excerpt from “Born. Again.”, one of the linked stories in her book Dancing Home.

“Serena was born in a blizzard. Implacable, it raged through New York, surprising in its ferocity…”

(Full reading – nearly 9 min 26 sec)

Dancing Home – Main Players





Baby Serena

Serena’s Relationship to Conscious Intention

Serena is the central character in my book, Dancing Home. When she is twenty-five, she begins to study Science of Mind. This is a spiritual teaching (not a religion) of great flexibility and creativity. It is based on the understanding that there is only One Energy, and it is everywhere evenly present. The nature of the Energy is vast and eternal love. It is called Divine Mind, the Compassionate Heart of the Universe, or whatever name suits you. It is the Energy out of which all life arises.

It is with this Energy that we create our conscious intentions and through It that manifestation occurs. In Science of Mind this process, or conversation, is called treatment. It could also be called conscious creation.

Serena incorporates this way of living and manifesting – and practices it throughout her life. It guides her and as she works with it with increasing depth, she comes to understand its joys and mysteries.

Reading Dancing Home – “Crossing”

In this segment Julie Winter introduces Max and Ingrid and then reads an excerpt from “Crossing”, one of the linked stories in her book Dancing Home.

“It develops into a pattern. Max stops by when he has the time and drives her home…”

Ingrid is an artist and a wild woman

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Max is a businessman and an art lover; joyous and stable.

Serena is a mystic and a rebel

Dancing Home – Review

Such a beautiful book! Julie Winter has a rich inner life!


Composer, Visual Artist

Reading Dancing Home – “Bedside Manners

In this segment, Julie tells a personal anecdote about healing. Then she reads an excerpt from “Bedside Manners”, one of the linked stories in her book Dancing Home.

“Shortly before Christmas Serena walks quickly towards the hospital on her way to visit Anton, who is ill—but this time, not yet, not very ill—with an as yet mysterious complication from HIV…”

Serena’s Desires

It is ironic to talk about Serena’s desires when she has followed various spiritual paths that encourage non-attachment and releasing desire. So, we can think of these aspects of her as intention that is conscious not only of herself, but of the good of others, and creation that is joyous, but not attached to results. Has she achieved this? No. Well, sometimes.

Her intention is to deepen her capacity for compassion, realize the freedom of letting go of old, sad personal stories that diminish her life energy and celebrate life itself, whatever the outer-world circumstances. This is the power of non-attachment.

She wants to continue loving Leo and her friends and her work and expand her experience of Oneness.

Reading Dancing Home – “Q&A

After having read excerpts from Dancing Home Julie Winter responds to questions from the audience. And then Ione, the publisher at Ministry of Maåt and Bob Gitlin, the sponser of the launch party add their closing remarks.